Double power whammy for EMLM residents


Komani residents have this week suffered the double whammy of unexplained Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality power outages and Eskom load shedding.

Angry and confused residents have vented their anger on a social media Whatsapp group daily.

On Thursday morning before 9am residents reported Berry Street, Buxton Street, Frost Street, Haig Avenue, Livingstone Road and College Avenue off, to name a few.

The residents’ comments of aggravation read: “Why in the middle of breakfast?” “Another soul-draining day.” “Load shedding is supposed to start at 9.” “SABC said load shedding from 9 to 10. Why EMLM starts at 7? Are we not part of SA?” “Carte Blanche needs to pay another visit to Queenstown.” “This is very frustrating. My three month-old has to drink cold milk now, I can’t believe how pathetic this town has become. If it’s not an electrical outage it’s your car being damaged by potholes. I know everyone is tired of this nonsense.” “If it’s not potholes, traffic lights are not working, maybe put our ma’am mayor on the spot.”

“Bring on Carte Blanche.” “Does Carte Blanche have a WhatsApp number?” “The mayor and all her tagalongs have to be removed from the municipality or whatever the hell it is they do. Enough is enough!” “We’re really sick and tired of this poor governance. We can’t bottle it up any more.”

This is not load shedding.” “The worst is yet to come, this temporary fixing of electricity infrastructure will come to an end and we will be left in the dark.”

EMLM spokesperson Lonwabo Kowa said: “The system was overloaded due to this week’s extreme cold weather and households used more appliances than usual.”

Kowa said as a result Top Town, Ezibeleni, New Vale, Nomzamo, Victoria Park and Sabatha Dalindyebo had power failures.

He added: “Load reduction measures were applied where certain areas were switched off to ensure equal access to electricity. All areas were switched on and off on a two-hourly basis until the load had decreased. This is the same problem faced around the country on cold days.”

“Power supply was restored in all areas after usage had decreased and we commend those who complied with the call to use alternative energy sources.”

He said there were no power faults, but the system was overloaded.

Concerning the street lights in town which were often on during the day, he said: “The ripple control system of the municipality where lights are switched on and off is currently out of order and a service provider to repair it will soon be hired. This system is also used to automatically switch off geysers in households where the ripple relay system was installed.”

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