Redi Tlhabi weighs in on ‘Rakgadi’ drama, shares her own experience

Redi Tlhabi has shared her own ‘Rakgadi’ drama.
Picture: Redi Tlhabi

Veteran radio personality Redi Tlhabi has shared her own “Rakgadi” ordeal, after Lebohang Khitsane’s memorial service that got everyone talking at the weekend.

Khitsane, who designed and manufactured life-size tombstones, died last week from renal failure.

He was well-known for creating elaborate tombstones for prominent personalities in SA including Mandoza, singer and producer Robbie Malinga and actor Joe Mafela.

His memorial service was interrupted when his sister, Semati Moedi, claimed in now-viral video footage, that his wife had allegedly been cheating on him.

This led to “Rakgadi” making the top trending list on Twitter as many, including Tlhabi, weighed in on the dramatic incident.

In a series of tweets, Tlhabi shared that after her father died, his sisters allegedly stopped at nothing to make her mom’s life a living hell.

“Before mom had even found out that her husband was dead, Bo Rakgadi (the aunts) were screaming in broad daylight, that my mom had killed their brother because she was younger, she was a Xhosa woman and wanted his 3 roomed house. Never mind that she was the high-income earner with a company car,” said Tlhabi.

Tlhabi said 25 years later, the long lost aunts and half-siblings went to newspapers, claiming that her mother sold their brother’s house.

In 2013, Sunday World reported that Tlhabi’s childhood home caused a row with her half-siblings, Dosky and Doris Direko.

According to the report, Dosky and Doris said the house was sold for R45,000 and without their consent.

Tlhabi also joked that it’s been more than 30 years and the family is still waiting on the “young man” her mom was said to be moving on with.

Tlhabi further said that just because aunts say something, doesn’t mean it is true.

Read Tlhabi’s full thread below.

By Unathi Nkanjeni – TimesLIVE

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