Night vision cameras on NEX should reduce accidents


SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 Motorists negotiate wet roads along the North East Expressway yesterday. More bad weather is forecasted for the rest of the weekPICTURE ALAN EASON ©DAILY DISPATCH

East London’s North East Expressway used to look like a scene from the game Need For Speed, with cars zipping up and down with impunity. But those days are over.

Buffalo City Metro has installed new night vision cameras on the urban expressway to reduce accidents.

Metro spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya said the new cameras “can pick up a speeding vehicle or a vehicle crossing an imaginary line from 30 metres away”.

“The city is employing a number of preventive methods to curb speeding, including speed humps, traffic circles and cameras,” Ngwenya said.

Speed was a factor in many road fatalities.“ This is also the case where [motorists are] intoxicated. Speed cameras act as a deterrent and mitigate against some of these factors, particularly speeding.”

In Gonubie main road, one of the busiest motorways in the city, more than 18,000 vehicles were recorded travelling over the permitted speed during the past financial year.

He said the collision rate in Gonubie had dropped as a result of the cameras.

BCM had placed its cameras in areas with the highest number of collisions, he added.

Ngwenya said legal permission was sought before the cameras were installed.

“The municipality chooses areas with the highest number of collisions to install speed cameras based on scientific studies and through these studies, a traffic safety plan is developed,” he said. This safety plan is reviewed after five years.

Motorists can check fines via the “Check my fine” website or visit the Braelynn traffic department, room 25.

By Soyiso Maliti  – TimesLIVE

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