Cassper on masters debate: ‘Every time I give advice, you think I’m dissing people’

Rapper Cassper Nyovest says he’s always mistaken for a “hater” when he gives out advice.
Picture: Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

In the wake of Kanye West’s rant about musicians owning their masters, rapper Cassper Nyovest has reminded haters of how he gave this exact same advice six years ago.

Thanks to Kanye’s star power and massive masters Twitter rant, the whole world has jumped onto the topic, which is one of Cassper’s fave topics because as he’s said a million  times before: he owns his masters.

So when Kanye took to Twitter to speak out about how Universal won’t tell him the price of his masters now that they know that they can name their price and he’ll still be able afford to buy them back, Cassper saw it as a great moment to jump in.

“This gone be a few SA rappers 10, 20 years from now. Fighting with majors to buy their masters back. After all the fame, the money, the glory, the radio number 1s! You will be left with nothing to show but plaques if you don’t get your business right from the get go,” said the rapper.

While tweeps couldn’t deny that Cassper had a valid point, they still called him out for trying to make Kanye’s saga about himself and SA hip-hop. They even accused him of low-key throwing shots at his peers, who obviously don’t own their masters.

However, Cassper was not about to accept any slander on his name or his wisdom. He said people only had a problem with his point because they had a problem with him, not because the information he shared wasn’t valuable.

“Kanye is saying this because he doesn’t own his masters and they won’t let him buy them back. Your problem is that y’all hate the guy y’all should be learning from. The info is only valuable when it comes from certain people, not Cassper Nyovest. Oh well! I’ll keep writing history,” he said.

Cassper also made it clear he was aware that his peers often opted to ignore his pearls of wisdom but hoped that young artists were at least learning something from him.

“Every time I give out game y’all think I’m dissing ni***s. Learn, take the info. These are real jewels I be dropping on y’all. When I was talking about owning your masters 6 years ago y’all slept on the topic. Now y’all wanna talk cause Kanye is tweeting. I hope da kids are learning.”

By Chrizelda Kekana – TSHISALIVE

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