Ilinge residents apprehend suspect, march to police station

Ilinge residents marched to the local police station earlier today to demand services from SAPS members stationed in the area.

The group of more than 100, including mothers in their 60s and 70s, first held a community meeting in a street corner of eTinarha Location where it was later decided that more decisive action was required.

The residents quickly collected placards and headed to the police station.

One of the their demands was that the police station opens 24 hours a day.

This after they found the station closed when they wanted to report a crime in the early hours of this morning. The residents ended up apprehending the alleged rape suspect and later handed him over to the police, but not before they allegedly gave him a hiding.

They vowed to continue to take the law into their own hands if things do not improve.

“We do not feel safe.” This was the common message from Ilinge residents.

Read full story in The Rep this Friday.

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