Enhle Mbali lambastes tweeps for mocking Black Coffee’s disability

Actress Enhle Mbali is disgusted at fans for making fun of Black Coffee’s hand.
Picture: Supplied

Actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa was left fuming over insensitive hand jokes leveled against ex-Black Coffee after she posted a video featuring a prosthetic hand while on set for an upcoming show, Blood Psalms.

This comes, after Enhle posed with the prosthetic hand on her Instagram stories and jokingly told fans that she was chilling with her “new man” before revealing that the hand was a prosthetic made by the show’s makeup department.

While Enhle thought it was a harmless “joke”, she was left with having to call her social media followers to order calling their behaviour “stupid, disgusting and embarrassing” for making fun of her ex-husband who injured his hand years ago.

In a video she shared on Twitter, Enhle expressed how truly disappointed she was that people were using her post as a snub towards the father of her children.

“I’m disgusted with what you guys did with the previous post. Now, as much as Black Coffee and I are not together, his still the father of my children. You can not do what you’re doing with this hand situation… I think it’s insensitive and outright stupid. Stop it!

“I’m going to be a mother right now because I feel I need to. You can sometimes be very insensitive with sensitive matters. The post I made was from set. Now, stop it, stop being stupid. Behave! As a black people, it’s embarrassing how you constantly to pull each other down. Stop!”


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