Home Affairs stand-off as residents demand better service

Commotion erupted at the Home Affairs offices in Komani earlier today after fed-up parents forced their children inside the building accusing staff of failing to help them despite queuing for hours on end.

The angry parents insisted the office would not close until the school children received help with their IDs.

Officials called police to intervene in the stand-off.

“Our children stand here the whole day and come back home with nothing every day. This is the fourth time we are here. My daughter is in grade 12 and she needs an ID. Last week there were only six of them in the queue yet they were never assisted. She is devastated because she will not be able to write her exams unless she has an ID. We have been travelling from Thornhill since last week, waiting in the queue since early morning,” said Nomzoxolo Bebeza, a parent.

A Home Affairs official, flanked by police, later addressed the livid crowd, promising the issue would be resolved.

The residents eventually dispersed, many still without IDs.

Watch below video of pupils inside the building

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