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Corrie van Huyssteen
Jason Bussack
Lelethu Quwe
Qhayiya Mazwi
Thabo Madzi

Every year the Movember campaign tries to bring attention to issues around men’s health including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide among men. The Rep reporter, Ntsikelelo Qoyo, went to ask men in Komani if they were aware of these issues affecting their health and are they taking care of themselves.

Thabo Madzi from Mlungisi

I take it very seriously because I am also a health care practitioner. I would advise other men to try and get tested frequently and eat healthy. Your health is for your benefit but also having people who depend on you being healthy is something to consider, like sexual health between you and your partner.

Corrie van Huyssteen from Komani Park

I think it is serious but I have not gone for a test. Getting a test is expensive and I cannot afford it. As men we should take it seriously because I get the sense even from my friends it is not something we do.

Lelethu Quwe from Ezibeleni

I do not go for check ups. It is something I come across sometimes and I know that we are encouraged to regularly check up for prostate cancer. The more I grow up it is something I am thinking about more often.

Jason Bussack from New Rest

People need to take their medicine and also take their vitamins so they can keep healthy. Guys must also try and keep active so they can be fit.

Qhayiya Mazwi from Top Town

Men’s health is very personal for me. After I came back from the mountain I started having genital problems. It turned out to be a sexual transmitted disease. Luckily the doctor prescribed something for me to take and it was okay. That experience did teach me that my health is something I have to take seriously. As men we have to look after ourselves.

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