Stern warning for roadside guidance board vandals

Picture: sourced from EC department of transport Facebook page

The Eastern Cape department of transport has condemned a disturbing trend of vandalism to its guidance boards in the province.

In a statement published on Facebook on Tuesday, the department warned of “serious repercussions” for people caught changing the names of places written on roadside signs.

A guidance board between Peddie and King William’s Town was vandalised by malefactors who changed the name of Shushu B village to a term carrying inappropraite connotations. The public is advised to be on the lookout for those carrying out these acts.

“The department of transport has warned of serious repercussions against those who are maliciously changing location names on roadside guidance boards in the province using spray paint.

“The department has called on communities to stand up and report anyone who commits this criminal act, as it can create unnecessary uncertainty of their whereabouts for motorists and can potentially lead to accidents,” read the statement.

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