Local poet publishes new commentary on Covid-19

ON POINT: Mount Arthur born and Komani raised poet Lulamile Satyo has published another collection of poems entitled Chilan’Ichanti Picture: SUPPLIED

Mount Arthur-born poet, Lulamile Satyo, has made yet another timely commentary through his latest collection of poems, Chilan’Incanti.

Chilan’Ichanti is a collection of 27 Xhosa poems, expertly written to delight poetry enthusiasts while exposing Satyo’s wit, dedication to craft and acute discernment as he tackles the central challenge of our time, Covid-19.

“The title Chilan’Ichanti is a call to ward off evil spirits. The evil spirit currently in our midst is none other than the coronavirus. Most of these poems are about the pandemic.  They are to exhort, warn and encourage people to heed the call from our leaders to work together to overcome this virus,” said Satyo.

Chilan’Incanti is Satyo’s fourth book following Deep Thoughts published in 2018. His earlier work was published in Aweselwa 1, Aweselwa 2 and Nambitha Imihobe which he wrote as a pupil.

While the poems complement each other to comprehensively explore the full impact of the virus, others speak more pertinently to the challenges closer to home.

“I am fond of all the poems, but I particularly enjoy Yithi Jaju Kum. Everywhere we go we are now being sanitised and encouraged to wear masks, but I feel we have not yet got into the habit of practising social distancing. We have long queues at supermarkets or banks and people are not adhering to social distancing which undermines efforts to curb the spread,” he added.

“I have also noticed that in desperation people have turned to many unverified concoctions to protect themselves. The poem Guwala Ngengqiqo discusses the proliferation of suggestios like the drinking of umhlonyane, smoking of weed, talk of ‘sanitisers are 70% alcohol therefore you can mix paraffin and spirits’ and so on. It’s a warning to both be critical and discerning.”

Every Thursday at 9.45pm Satyo recites one of the poems on Mhlobo Wenene FM. The book is available on order. To place an order call 061-549 4029 or email satyolg@gmail.com. Next month Satyo will also publish another collection called Iyandijija Ingcingane.

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