Home affairs headache: Frustrated residents complain after branch remains closed the whole day

The was commotion yet again outside the Komani home affairs branch when doors to the department remained shut leaving residents confused and frustrated.

The residents who were crowding outside the office said they were kept waiting hours after the branch was supposed to have opened, with not a single employee coming out to address them.

“We have been here since 5am waiting yet not a single person has been attended. It is supposed to open at 8am yet it was closed until 10am when we finally insisted they tell us what is going on,” said Polani Mabusela who was waiting outside.

The waiting residents said they were told the office was closed because the office generator was not working and they could not be given assurances on when it would be fixed.

“They told us nothing. Some of us come from far away. There are pupils who were excused from school. We were not even told when this generator will be fixed. We see people going in and out because apparently they had appointments,” added Mabusela.

The angered residents said they were further incensed because lights were on in the building while employees claimed a generator was being fixed. When The Rep reporter arrived lights were indeed on inside the premises.

“This is not the first time. It has been the case since Monday. They say they are waiting for a generator yet the power is on. Why is it not being fixed at 3:30pm when they close? It is being fixed when we have to access services. This is not our problem. They should have negotiated with their service provider,” said Mkululi Nduna.

“We are in a midst of a pandemic. The sun is hot. It is impossible for people not to panic when they do not even know what is going on. Now there is disorder and people are not attending to any social distancing. They only came out when they saw that people are getting restless and demanding answers,” added another resident, Linda Qongqo.

Home affairs acting district manager, Mxolisi Ntaba, said electricity connection at the office was tripped earlier this morning during maintenance of their generator.

“The office generator was not working and a service provider was called in this morning to fix it. It was only discovered after the service provider left that our power supply was affected.

“When we tried to get hold of him (the service provider) he told us he was already on his way to the airport to catch a flight to Pretoria. The power is on but supply to our the office computers is affected” said Ntaba.

At the time of Ntaba said they were waiting for another service provider coming from Lady Frere.

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