WATCH | Komani protestors close R67

Traffic briefly came to a halt this morning in the R67 between Komani and Whittlesea after residents took to the streets to protest not being employed in the Multimillion Rand Sanral project.

The residents, who were burning tyres and singing said the R67 upgrade project was not benefiting them and the project liaison committee (PLC) was not attending to their grievances.

Police were called to intervene in the heated situation that delayed traffic for hours.

Community leader, Elias Magwayi, said they were demanding the project stop until all their demands are met.

“We have been raising our concerns since last year but they have fallen on deaf ears. We have been trying to get a meeting with the project liaison Committee (PLC) but we were ignored,” he said.

Magwayi said no youth from the surrounding wards in Enoch Mjigima Local Municipality, where the road is being refurbished, had been employed and local leaders were not consulted in the early stages.

“We want it to stop. We told them they must not employ any people but they continued. We are now demanding the PLC be disbanded. New project liaison officers must be appointed and job posts must be re-advertised,” added Magwayi.

Traffic resumed before noon after a meeting between Roadmac and the protestors.

Last week, The Rep reported (Residents unhappy about R67 upgrade) Sanral southern region manager, Mbulelo Peterson said if the PLC failed to resolve the matter it would be referred to the municipality.

A meeting will be held tomorrow between the residents and the PLC.

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