Young gospel singer releases music video

SPREADING HER WINGS: Young local artist Cya Kambi is reaching for the stars with her latest music video for her debut song, Accolades Picture: SUPPLIED

Young Ezibeleni creative Cya Kambi, who released her debut single Accolades last year, recently released a music video for the gospel song.

The music video was released last Tuesday and received positive views from friends and fans who love music and Kambi’s work.

Kambi is a singer, songwriter, producer, director and actor who is set to head to the International Modelling and Talent Association (IMTA) where she will show off her creative and artistic prowess.

“I have been writing songs for a long time, but have never got one that felt like it was ‘it’. When Accolades came about last July, I was in a space where I had released myself from expectations. I had just turned 30, was unemployed and navigating the very challenging and unfamiliar territory of entrepreneurship. I was not married, without a house or car and basically did not resemble anything socially expected of a 30-year-old. What I had, though, was a very solid relationship with God and a sense of purpose.  I realised that was the only thing that actually mattered.”

Kambi indicated that after some introspection, she realised the pressure to obtain certain things by a certain age was not a personal goal or desire, but a standard set by society.

She said the song Accolades essentially highlighted that achievements were great,  but the real prize was being connected and led by God to one’s destiny.

The music video shot at a Hogsback nursery oozes a tranquil ambience, with beds of beautiful, colourful flowers and much speaking to the creations of God, of which Kambi is fond.

“The video was shot at Hogsback in a friend’s garden. I love that space because it has such a personal story. It used to be their house and was tragically burnt to nothing. However, they have transformed it into a beautiful nursery. It resembles exactly what Accolades is about – finding purpose, life, happiness and beauty in spaces that may seem to have nothing left,” she said.

Kambi said she was getting radio play but starting to reach the commercial radio stations which would translate to greater exposure.

Speaking about her journey to the IMTAs, which she has been raising funds for, Kambi said she managed to raise R27 000, but was still short by a huge deficit.

“The fundraising is going very slowly. A few local businesses like Dicla, Agruse, Marissa Nel and Associates, Zodwa Gqwaka  and others  contributed with cash or helped with the fundraising itself.  I am behind on payments by R37 000, but we do have a few more fundraising tricks up our sleeves.”

Cya has set up a Back-a-Buddy account, a crowd funding platform which is much easier and safer to contribute to. Otherwise, people who wish to donate can contact her on  081-585 1547 or by e-mail on

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