Women’s football back in play

The Enoch Mgijima Local Football Association (LFA) leadership plans to resuscitate the non-existent women’s football league so there will be a female team at Safa regional level.

The planning and restructuring of the league was discussed during an Enoch Mgijima LFA meeting held at the Dumpy Adams Sport Complex on Saturday.

Enoch Mgijima LFA head of women’s football Thembakazi Koni indicated there were 13 teams in the area that would have to play against each other to determine which would represent them in the region.

Safa requested that we do things differently this time. We will now play according to our zones per LFA. This means all zones with soccer teams will play against each other and choose the best team to play against other zone level winners. We are doing this because some zones have more than one team. For instance, the Komani zone has four teams so our teams will play together and the overall winner will represent our zone.

Teams with one team will automatically play in the games that will determine the overall winner to represent Enoch Mgijima at Safa regional level,” said Koni.

Enoch Mgijima zones include Komani, Ezibeleni, Ilinge, Ntabethemba, Dongwe and Molteno.

She said the teams did not automatically qualify to play in the league, they first had to register with R100 at their LFA, and also with R500 with regional Safa.

As much as all these teams are declaring themselves, they need to officially register with the LFA, but due to financial constraints we might end up with eight teams.

Safa has not explained to us how the R500 they require will assist the teams. We do not know whether the money is for prizes or not. We have scheduled a meeting with the heads of all LFAs in the region and we will ask all questions about the money,” she said.

The women’s football league is set to commence in April.

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