Face 2 Face with Dolly ‘Dolls’ Ngqula

Face to face with deputy chair of Bangakhula Older Persons’ Association, Dolly ‘Dolls’ Ngqula

1.What does your position entail?

I am responsible for planning the association’s programmes and activities and for assessing the register. Although we have returned to level one, we are trying our best while subject to restrictions.

2.What do you enjoy about being a part of Bangakhula?

We help each other to grow spiritually and offer emotional support in hard times. We exercise, sing and participate in the golden games.

3.What was your previous profession?

I used to be a teacher and a radio talk host at Radio Xhosa, currently known as Mhlobo Wenene. FM.

4.What advice would you give to teachers?

A teacher must have a vision. They must be patient, because they are dealing with children who have issues stemming from home. As Jesus was a teacher, the main objective is to teach and to look after the future of the pupils.

5. Your advice to matrics who did not make it?

Keep trying. Do not lose hope, your life has not come to an end and neither has the world.

6.What is your motto in life?

Motivate and inspire others. Remember to thank God.

7.What are the top five items on your bucket list?

To do everything to the best of my ability without expectation and to always leave a positive impression, be it in church, cooking or in one of my motivational talks.

8.What do you love about Komani?

Komani has a lot of music talent – from conductors, to choral music and jazz. Locals are really dedicated to their craft. It is a small town with all kinds of personalities. When I first came here the people were warm and welcoming. The people of this town are willing to teach many things.

9. What is your take on the recent name changes in South Africa?

I wish officials would get along and follow the correct processes. They should make sure that people agree with the chosen name which should resonate with their heritage, the same way Komani never was a problem.

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