Papiyana caught again

ARRESTED AGAIN: The ANC Chris Hani region treasurer, who doubles as a CHDM chief whip, has requested leave of absence from the positions after he was arrested on Sunday for drunken driving Picture: SOURCED

ANC Chris Hani region treasurer Madoda Papiyana, who was appointed the Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) chief whip last week, was arrested for drunken driving at the weekend was released on R500 bail on Monday.

In a video taken at the Queenstown police station and seen by The Rep, a seemingly drunk Papiyana is shown refusing to co-operate with the police, who wanted to take blood samples for testing.

In the video, Papiyana argues with police officers who explain to him that his blood samples were required because he was suspected of drunken driving.

Papiyana, who kept pulling his arm away, indicated he had not been driving and therefore did not see a need for his blood to be drawn for testing.

This is the second time the ANC senior politician has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Last year when he was chief whip for CHDM he was also arrested for contravening lockdown level five rules that prohibited the transportation of alcohol.

He subsequently resigned as whip and treasurer in a public statement, before retracting it and took leave of absence for a month.

Speaking to The Rep on Wednesday, ANC Chris Hani region secretary Lusanda Sizani indicated that Papiyana tendered letters to the region and the district municipality requesting leave of absence for three months to allow the law and organisational processes to conclude.

“As the officials of the region we accepted the letters, and agreed in the matter related to his arrest that he needed to make a representation detailing what resulted in his arrest so that we may subject it to the integrity committee of the ANC,” said Sizani.

He said Papiyana confirmed his arrest on Sunday evening and that the court provisionally withdrew the case pending his blood test results.

“However, the ANC will not interfere with the court processes. Papiyana damaged the image of the organisation and brought it into disrepute because he is a public figure. The ANC leadership needs to behave accordingly to preserve the integrity of the organisation. We will leave everything to the integrity committee and if it decides he must step aside, that will be what must happen,” he said.

The ANC 54th national conference policy indicates that people who fail to give an acceptable explanation or voluntarily step down while facing disciplinary, investigative or prosecutorial procedures should be summarily suspended.

Independent Komani Residents’ Association spokesperson Zolile Xalisa said they were disappointed by Papiyana who constantly failed to lead by example.

“Last year when he was arrested we did not hear anything about the case when there was damning evidence. It just disappeared. We cannot have a leader that cannot conduct himself accordingly. He has repeated the same crime he apologised for last year. He is not just the leader of his organisation, but that of the whole community. We will look at this case to ensure it does not disappear like the last one. We will speak to the area commission and the province to ensure he is prosecuted. We ask him to step down because if he does not behave like a leader, he cannot be a servant of the people when he behaves like a child,” he said.

The CHDM council speaker Mxolisi Koyo said on Tuesday that the municipality had not been notified of the incident, but had been made aware of the allegations through the media.

“The municipality is following the matter and internal processes shall be initiated in line with the rules of order of council and the code of conduct for councillors. A pronouncement shall therefore be made in due course as we view the allegations as serious and disturbing,”.

Komani police spokesperson captain Namhla Mdleleni confirmed the arrest on Sunday, indicating he was released on Monday on R500 bail and would appear in the Queenstown magistrate’s court on October 22.

UPDATE: Members of the ANC picketed outside the ANC Chris Hani House offices of Friday calling for the stepping down of the regional treasurer Madoda Papiyana, saying that he was not fit to hold office as his conduct did not reflect that of a leader. Full story in The Rep on Friday.

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