Human trafficking victim pens book

PRE LAUNCH: Zintle Feza’s book pre launch at her Ezibeleni home recently, back left, Khula Community Development director Petros Majola, Hawks Eastern Cape trafficking in persons task team captain Lulama Jack , district department of sports recreation arts and culture director Mkhululi Godola ,Tamara Feza, SAPS Family Violance and Protection unit captain captain Reuben van schalkwyk, front form left, Front left Nompendulo Bido, Amos Mxabangeli, Zintle Feza, grandma Nontsikelelo Mxabangeli. Methodist Rev. Sizwe Hlangani Picture: ABONGILE SOLUNDWANA

Young Zintle Feza, who was human-trafficked from Komani to Hillbrow in Johannesburg in 2011 at the age of 16, recently held a pre-launch of her book, Neglected, at which she shared her ordeal.

Feza’s book was championed by Petros Majola of Khula Community Development and The Hawks’ Eastern Cape trafficking representative, captain Lulama Jack.

She was kidnapped by a coloured woman with Nigerian foreign nationals from her school at Kwakomani Comprehensive, and again from her grandparents’ Ezibeleni home after she managed to escape.

Feza said: ”I was 16 at the time. They took me from school during class.”

She was fortunate to be rescued before being transport out of the country, unlike many victims.

“I went through a great ordeal and I was taken to Khuseleka Outreach Centre in Limpopo. ”This is where I started writing the book.”

The second time that she was abducted from her home, they threatened to kill her grandfather.

“Human trafficking is not a joke and is not merely what you see on TV.

”It is not something you anticipate might happen to you. ”The people who kidnapped me were well off. They used me to make money.”

She said her journey as a survivor had taught her a lot about her resilient spirit. ”I am a strong, beautiful black woman. I will still conquer great things. This is the beginning. ”With God’s power I will overcome.

“I have my own-non profit organisation called Neglected and I am a human rights activist.”

She said Jack and Majola offered her enormous support during her moments of despair. Jack said during the time of Feza’s second abduction and rescue, she had insisted the girl live with her.

“I suspected everyone – the family and community members. I could not understand how a child was kidnapped from her home.

”She was abducted twice and when I found her for the second time, I said she should come and live with me. It was not easy for her grandparents to release their grandchild to someone they did not know. I wanted the traffickers to first come to me before they could come to Feza.

“I am grateful for Feza’s life, even though the traffickers were never caught and imprisoned, you trusted me and I did everything I could to get the people who did this, she told Feza’s family.

Majola said: ”After working for a number of years in the directorate for priory crime and investigation (DPCI) with Captain Jack, I met Feza at an outreach programme.”

Majola expressed disappointment that there were no representatives from Chri Hani District Municipality representetives had not attended the pre launch, adding that the municipality did not take gender-based violence seriously.




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