LETTER| Misleading adverts could be dangerous

Image: 123RF/Julija Sapic

Companies maximise their profits through advertisements but these could lead people astray if not carefully scrutinised by the public.

Some companies, especially those which manufacture and sell beverages, advertise on their trucks in the form of covering canvasses. Some advertise via radio, television and the press. All of these adverts should be carefully worded not to create a wrong perception on the part of consumers.

Sometime last month I witnessed an SAB truck doing deliveries at Ngqanda Village in Cacadu, spotting a huge plastic cover with the words “get one more for the road.” Is this not in conflict with the AA’s “Do not drink and drive?” In what way will those under 18 view this advert? I would like SAB to say “drink at your own peril” one day. Drinking and driving has cost many lives.

By Alfred Zanemvula Magatya

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