LETTER| Little children fixing potholes, putting officials to shame

The people of Ezibeleni cannot make headway to clean our township. We have councillors who are earning big salaries but nothing is forthcoming for the community in spite of high rates. The community service department staff put money in their pockets and do not care about those who pay their salaries. We Africans must not be like wheelbarrows that you leave and when you come back it is where you left it.

We have brains like any other person. Those who are not doing good for the community must be outvoted. The community should agree who should lead us. When they are not doing enough we have a veto to replace them. That is pure democracy and no person must be imposed on us.

Today (April 25) young children repaired potholes at zone 3 in Machibini Street.

It was their initiative to fix the potholes. These little boys could see what was wrong.

They were Hlumelo Mbengo, 10, Bunolo Simausi, 8, Dumisa Sawu, 8, Kamva Onie, 6.

Councillor Gwampi, you should be ashamed of yourself. What effort are you making when such little children can make a difference? You are earning lots of money, but you have no conscience.

Let us do the same as white communities do by clubbing in and cleaning our area as we have no municipality. The only thing we have is socialising representatives who appear in newspapers for the wrong reasons like drunk driving. Ezibeleni, where are we going? Why do we just look and keep quiet while our town is failing so fast..?

By Solomzi Mabeka

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