Arms of Mercy helping raise funds for sick children

REACHING OUT: Arms of Mercy ambassador and St Theresa’s Primary School teacher Caylin Du Plooy Picture: SUPPLIED

Having to raise a child who suffers from a rare disease is not something any parent bargains for, but with an organisation like Arms of Mercy, which raises funds for medical expenses, the burden can be eased.

Komani’s Caylin du Plooy, who was recently appointed as an ambassador for Arms of Mercy, is eager to reach out to more children who suffer from rare heath conditions in the district and province.

”I was selected as a brand ambassador after I went to Bloemfontein to meet six children who we will try to assist,” she said.

A part of the reason she went to Bloemfontein was that not many people in the district and the province were aware of the non charitable organisation.

The aim of the organisation, which was formed in 2017, is to help children in need and their families to carry the hefty financial costs that came with rare illnesses, diseases and special needs.

Du Plooy, who is a teacher at St Theresa’s Primary School, is also studying a special needs education course.

She said the organisation raised funds for each child by selling bracelets to provide medical assistance for minors with cancer, rare diseases, cerebral palsy and special needs.

Most parents could not afford to pay for the medical costs on their own and needed all the financial aid they could get.

Du Plooy said parents needing support could recommend their children via the Arms of Mercy website, where they could register and supply details.

”We have recently identified a four-year-old child in Aloevale who has cerebral palsy.

”That is how Komani and the Eastern Cape became aware of us through [online] posting and sharing. ”We have also identified a child in East London.

”One is already approved and the parents just have to choose the bracelets so we can start selling them to get a wheelchair.”

The support helps give the children a better quality of life and a brighter future.

”Bracelets are made in Cape Town. People who want to assist can call the agent.

”We want to raise more awareness because we help people with medical funds who do not have to pay anything.”

”When I visited the little ones in Bloemfontein I realised again that we must live life to the full and never give up. ”They changed my whole vision of life. ”I am also grateful for the support from my family and friends.”

For more inquiries contact du Plooy on 074 510 1850

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