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Ayanda Thole
Mayenzeke Bokoda
Sebasco Carollisen
Thabisa Makatesi
Vuyelwa Ndlelo

Some sections of the South African community have called on government not only to extend the R350 social relief grant, but to increase it to R500. But Sassa has stopped paying the grant and treasury recently announced there were no new allocations for Covid-19 grants. Rep editor Luvuyo Mjekula asked the people in Komani for their reaction.

Thabisa Makatesi from Ezibeleni

Government should continue to give people the grant because Covid-19 affected a lot of people and some lost their jobs. There are no job opportunities in SA anyway – the unemployment rate is very high. But they must not make people all queue at the post office at once because this increases the Covid-19 infection risk.

Ayanda Thole from Bhede

We feel bad that government has taken away the grant because coronavirus is still with us. I did receive the R350 and it helped me a lot. I agree with those who say the money must be increased.

Sebasco Carollisen from Sabatha

The cost of living nowadays is very high, especially with the Coronavirus – everything is expensive and how are unemployed people supposed to live? We do not have any earnings. We do what we can. The money the government gives is a big help, even though it is only R350. If they could increase it, that would help us a lot.

Mayenzeke Bokoda from Bozwana, Cacadu

The R350 was good for the countless poverty-stricken and unemployed people. If the government could continue paying it out, maybe even the crime rate could decline.

Vuyelwa Ndlelo from Ilinge

The R350 must be brought back because a person applies for it him/herself and gets it personally. We do not encourage [handing out of] food parcels because the food does not reach the people. I support those who say the amount must be increased.

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