Washing machines sorely needed for home


The Friends of John Vorster Home, a group of dedicated citizens whose goal is to look after the wellbeing of residents at the home in Westbourne, are raising funds in the form of a raffle to help purchase new washing machines for the facility.

One of the members, Esmari Kernekamp, said the group volunteered their time for the cause and desperately needed assistance in the laundry. “The equipment used to wash and dry close to 90 residents’ clothes and linen is extremely old and run down, and most do not functioning at present. We have decided to upgrade the laundry so it can meet the needs. For that we need quite substantial funding and it would take us a long time to raise funds but we do believe that we can reach the target with the assistance of the community and businesses.”

Kernekamp said although they were not involved in the home’s daily operations, they always availed themselves for assistance. She said fund raising projects were one of their specialities, but because the country was hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic it was difficult to host any events at present.

“We have been very lucky to have local community members and businesses contribute generously to the cause. We used to have big events like dances and dinners, but due to covid our fundraising efforts had to go a different route. We have started with small projects like raffles and Facebook advertising to collect as much as we can. Some community members have donated used domestic equipment, but unfortunately that is only a short-term solution. We have received a few donations from a local business and some individuals and also received some donations via the raffle for which an anonymous donor supplied a sheep and a pig.

“We will continue with our efforts to improve the wellbeing of the residents and the staff as they are overlooked, but play a vital role in the home under difficult conditions. We request any businesses or individuals who are able to assist with our current project to please contact one of the committee members.”

Kernekamp can be reached on 084-490 2098 or essieinsa@gmail.com.

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