WATCH l Blaze disrupts entertainment session at Blaza


Fun time was over after a tyre container caught alight in the Blaza’s Entertainment precinct on Wednesday night.

 Customers were seen fleeing with their booze in hand as the day presented its own plans.

 Business owner Enoch Ruhengu who runs a second hand tyre shop in the precinct said when he was just arriving home from work with his wife he received a call that his container was on fire.

 “When I arrived the fire was too much. We tried using the fire extinguisher and a hose pope but it had gotten out of control. I wanted to save some things but when I attempted the fire was so intense I had to run back.

 “I lost everything, tyres, a compressing machine and tyre changer and the rest of the equipment, including personal documents,” Ruhengu said.

After some time the truck engine arrived at the scene and the fire fighters managed to contain the fire from spreading further.


 When he checked camera footage to see what may have caused the fire he said he saw smoke coming from a dust bin near the container.

 “We tried to see if anyone placed a cigarette, but we did no see anyone, just smoke rising to the surface.

 He said he was planning to run a business from a more durable container compared to the smaller one he said was not made of strong steel.