Ezibeleni electricity outages


ZWELIBANGILE Modi of Ezibeleni writes: THE Enoch Mgijima Municipality is destroying small businesses in Ezibeleni with the numerous electricity outages with unlimited turn-around time.

We, as a small bakery business, have incurred a loss of about R4250 from September 3 to September 6, and to make matters worse, nobody cares to inform us in advance about these sudden and deliberate switch-offs. We are even considering relocating to another area or province.

If investing in poor areas such as Ezibeleni, where there are very few work opportunities, does not matter, then God help us all.

The Ezibeleni environment is not conducive for small business development – not because of the market forces but because of the Enoch Mgijima Municipality’s incapacity.

This municipality alleges the infrastructure in Ezibeleni is too old and needs to be upgraded after 20 years of use. Who must buy that story?

My question remains: Does this municipality have qualified engineers to work on this poor electrical supply in Ezibeleni?

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