Help fight the dumping and littering

THE problem of illegal dumping in the Komani area is escalating.

The Rep has fielded several calls over the past few weeks – some from irate Komani folk – complaining about indiscriminate dumping ranging from refuse to building materials in residential areas.
Enoch Mgijima Municipality spokesman Fundile Feketshane has called on residents to report persons involved in such dumping and has indicated that measures are being taken to ensure a cleaner area, including the erection of “No dumping” signs in various areas.
A visit to places such as the Komani river, which winds its way through town, and street corners in Ezibeleni, Mlungisi and in several residential areas in town, however, shows that this is a battle which is far from won.
The river, in particular, which was the focus of a R21-million clean-up a couple of years ago, is in a disgusting state, with mounds of rubbish littering the sides and polluting the water.
On a smaller scale, but no less serious, littering in the streets continues unabated – even when there are dustbins only a few metres away. Some businesses seem to turn a blind eye to the mess being made by their customers or patrons.
While the municipality has the prime responsibility for keeping the area clean, it is impossible to do so if the residents do not take pride in their area and communities.
A need exists for the collective realisation that all who live here – and those who visit here – have a responsibility to keep the town clean.
The inability to do so will cost Komani investors and jobs. And that we can ill afford.

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