Consider our plight

ANGRY of Komani writes: People of the Enoch Mgijima area, allow me to speak out about fruitless promises made by SAMWU that we would become permanent employees on November 1 this year.
This did not happen.
We were told that all those appearing on the payroll of the municipality would get back pay – that also did not happen. Instead, our contracts were terminated – even the interns will not return in January.
Let me, however, show gratitude to the councillor who was speaking at the memorial service of the late comrade Sphiwo Ngalo that there would be no more recruitment until the amalgamation of the area was finalised.
We need the leaders who are like this councillors who will communicate decisions, whether sour or sweet.
The reasons why they did not achieve our goals as people who were assisting us during their fight for back pay were as follows:
*They do not have political insight;
*They do not have the capacity and need to be capacitated and;
*They do not know the trade union;
*They are political revolutionary interns.
What makes me angry is that our husbands are not working – we are the ones bringing home the food but now our bread has been taken away.

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