Two youths are ‘getting it done’

MAKING IT HAPPEN: From left, Calvin Nelani and Shernique Smith of GID (Get It Done) recently launched the developmental organization at Yolo Lounge in Komani Picture: SUPPLIED

DEVELOPMENTAL organisation Get It Done (GID), which was launched at Yolo Lounge in Komani on Friday, is hoping to motivate young people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Owner of the non profit organisation and Lukhanji FM presenter Calvin Nelani and his business partner, Shernique Smith, who owns the brand, said the aim was to inspire young people to adopt the culture of “getting things done” after identifying a lack of self confidence which was believed to be stopping young people from pursuing their own business ventures.

“Most youths look down on themselves because of they come from underprivileged family backgrounds and underdeveloped schools. They do not trust themselves or they do not feel capable of doing more.”

Nelani said the initiative was about local youth encouraging others to achieve their goals. “In Johannesburg people are driven – they get things done. It is not because they are better than us but they are surrounded by people who are doing what is profitable.”

His plan was to bring South African celebrities on board to motivate young people to adopt an attitude of executing their plans.

“We plan on hosting talking sessions, “ he said, adding that last weekend’s event brought together people in the areas of art, education, fashion, music and food to celebrate the launch.
GID is planning a campaign ‘Open Market’ which will have government departments and organizations such as Eskom and banks to share information on bursaries and opportunities.

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