Fine offenders for refuse-free Komani

BUSINESSMAN of Komani writes: How good it was to receive a letter from Enoch Mgijima municipality in which they request businesses to only place refuse out for collection between 7.30am and 9.30am to avoid rubbish being distributed by the wind and foragers . This is a step in the right direction. The proof of the pudding however is going to be whether they follow through with their threat to fine those who do not comply . You can rest assured that there will be many businesses that will not comply .
I would like to suggest that the same ultimatum be given to residences as the problem there is just as big .

If the municipality is starting to seriously address the refuse issue I would like to recommend they pay attention to the Komani river area at Crawfords causeway where a very pretty area is spoiled by vagrants emptying refuse bags to get bottles and tins to sell.
I recently employed 17 people to clean the area over a two day period and 560 bags of plastic were collected and the area left spotless . Four days later I could have collected another 500 bags. Also the Komani river from the bus rank all the way down to Jacksons and beyond need some serious cleaning up – but well done to the municipality for getting things in motion and please do fine the offenders and hopefully 2017 will dawn with a sparkling Komani !

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