Victoria Road project to continue

THE unfinished work at Victoria Road next to Nonesi Mall has raised the ire of locals.
The Rep reported (“Victoria Road closes as resurfacing starts,” November 11 2016) that the road would be closed for two weeks as the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality embarked on a resurfacing project.
Nonesi Mall manager Wilna Vosloo said businesses were not happy about the lack of communication from the municipality about the re-opening of the road.
“We received a letter in November that they would be replacing the tar with paving and all the tenants were informed that the entrance to Victoria road would be closed until November 20. When the 20th came nothing happened. The trucks could not get in here. It affected deliveries for the businesses at the mall and we had to make other arrangements,” Vosloo said.
The mall management was also not informed when the road re-opened during the Christmas period. Taxi driver Bongani Manginda said the unfinished work was causing problems.
“They must fix the road quickly so we can work without any major problems because this is a busy place.” Enoch Mgijima Municipality spokesman, Fundile Feketshane, apologised for the incomplete work, saying the municipality had issued notices in the local media announcing that there would be a temporary closure of the road.
Challenges were experienced with some road-users removing the barricades to continue using the road. “In the interest of the communities and users of that road the municipality forged ahead and effected the plans and erected the paving as it is witnessed today,” Feketshane said.
“When one takes a closer look, it has been done professionally with the internal capacity we have at technical services and unfortunately towards Christmas, it became impossible to complete because of traffic congestion and rainfall.”
The municipality would in the coming week issue another notice about the project “and we call upon all stakeholders to comply with the notice so that both the Victoria and Scalen roads are completed”.
Residents took to The Rep’s Facebook page to express their dissatisfaction – with one user saying: “Three weeks that road was closed. It took money to advertise its closure, tender advertisement and of course payment of service provider for half-done paving and potholes that could sink one’s car …”

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