Learn from Trump and put SA first

ZWELIBANGILE Modi of Ezibeleni writes: The new president of the US, Donald Trump, is being bombarded by the media left, right and centre for his stance against the refugees and other internal problems in that country.
You know what, we need a leader of his kind in South Africa, a leader who will place South Africa first regardless.
Donald Trump is not afraid to say “America first” – what a bold statement.
We have a serious refugee problem in this country. They have usurped a lot of business opportunities because this country is a free for all. As a result, South Africa faces an explosive unemployment crisis.
As I am writing this letter, there are reports that in the North West province a cement company has employed more than 200 Chinese – and nobody is standing up for South Africans except the unions.
The security companies contracted in most government departments belong to foreign nationals while there are local registered companies.
These refugees are running unregistered businesses in the townships and villages.
They run their businesses from RDP houses and no one says anything.
At the hospitals, clinics, farms – almost everywhere you will find them and all of this is being allowed at poor South Africans’ expense.
Donald Trump, I support you forward.

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