New wool advisors in the Eastern Cape

THE National Woolgrowers’ Association of South Africa (NWGA) has announced that six additional production advisors are set to serve the communal areas of the Eastern Cape.

New production advisors, from left, Lwando Gaqazele, Zithulele Mbatsha, Sibusiso Ndwanya, Monde Danga, Khanyiso Mzayifani, Phumlani Sawula and Lwando Skoti


In 2004, eight Extension Officers were seconded to the National Woolgrowers’ Association of SA (NWGA) by the department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform (DRDAR), initially to service the Commark Project.

A statement indicated this week that, over the years, the officers either relocated, were recalled or have retired, leaving the NWGA with only three at the end of July 2016.

As from February 1 this year, the NWGA has gained the services of six additional Production Advisors to service the communal areas of the Eastern Cape.

“Thanks to Cape Wools SA / Wool Trust, these gentlemen will join forces with the existing staff component under the Training and Development programme of the NWGA Production Advisory Services, performed by the NWGA.”

Previous seconded extension officer Monde Danga will operate in the Cofimvaba and Tsomo districts.  Region 20, which covers the largest service area, will gain two advisors Lwando Skoti and Lwando Gaqazele to assist Luyanda Mpoposhe from the Mtatha and Butterworth offices.  Newly appointed Sibusiso Ndwanya and previous intern to the NWGA Khanyiso Mzayifani will attend to farmers from the Komani and King Williams Town offices.  Phumlani Sawula who also did his internship at the NWGA will assist XL Nyamela to look after the farmers in the Matatiele, Mt. Fletcher, Mt Ayliff and surrounding areas.

Over the past 12 years, the monetary value of communal wool sold through the formal market has increased to more than R136 million.  The improvement of the wool income from four of the shearing sheds which are supported by the NWGA Advisory Service, improved from R73 500 to R2.5 million.  The difference in wool revenue of two sheds that did not receive support due to the shortage of staff and available funding, is evident from a study that was conducted by the NWGA last year.

“The NWGA is committed towards the upliftment and development of Communal farmers and sees the appointment of these additional production Advisors as a step in the right direction of realising the potential growth in revenue for our farmers,” the statement indicated.



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