Rain leads to flooded house

SOAKED HOME: Inside their flooded home are Lulama Jeje with Reebo and one- year- old Mayakazi

A NEWVALE family has been left devastated after the flooding of their home following recent rains. Lulama Jeje said the problem started when her neighbour closed a trench that had been dug by the municipality. My neighbours closed it with sand because they wanted to extend their house – now the water can not pass through and it flows into our house.” Jeje said numerous attempts to reason with the neighbour had been unsuccessful. “I told the neighbour that this is causing a huge problem and she just ignores me.”

She said she then reported the matter to the Enoch Mgijima Municipality.“I reported this to the municipality many times and they once came to access the situation but never came back. The municipality must play their part when we report things – they must not just come and act as if they will do something. This has been going on for three years.”

The Rep visited the home on Wednesday as Jeje was busy mopping up with the help of community members. “My child can not go to school. The uniform and our clothes are all wet. The furniture is destroyed and the food is damaged. “We do not deserve to be living like this. The water comes up to our knees.”

Neighbour Noluvuyo Gawe denied the accusation against her. “I did not close the trench. I just built a fence next to it because there were people who were dumping their refuse there. The sand she is talking about is the soil washed down from the road when it rains. My husband has reported this to the municipality.”

Ward 13 councillor Wongama Adonis said they were attending to the issue. “I went there and I spoke to both of them. Hopefully by the end of this week the problem will be resolved.”Enoch Mgijima Municipality spokesman Fundile Feketshane had not responded at the time of going to press.

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