Church steps in to help needy pupils


EZIBELENI’s St Peter’s Anglican  Church  Mothers’ Union is partnering with the education department in reaching out to children in need.
TAKING INITIATIVE: Mothers Union marketing unit chairperson Babalwa Kuse with Department of education, education specialist Khoza Jayiya at St Peters Anglican church

The project’s aims are manifold, with the main purpose of uplifting education in underprivileged schools.

Education specialist Koza Jayiya said the  church  should return to its old custom of playing an influential role in contributing to the development of education.

“Back in the day, schools were formed in churches.

“Uneducated parents were determined to take their children to school because they understood the value of education.”

Jayiya said the programme would start with pupils who attended  church  and who had been identified as being vulnerable. The communities would be encouraged to “adopt” schools.

The programme would encourage parents to play an active role in their children’s education, with plans for bursaries for pupils who performed well.

Parish leader Nomathemba Njoli said the programme would demand the involvement of the congregation, parents, pupils and the department of education in order to make a positive impact.

Njoli said the group had started collecting sanitary towels, which would be donated to schools to prevent young girls from missing class.

“This is one of the factors that creates challenges in our education system.”

She said once the programme reached its required level of success in Komani, other churches around the province would be taught how to implement the method within their communities.

“Education is losing its value with the new generation.

“Pupils are unable to understand the potential that education has in advancing their lives.

“They have no drive to study hard in order to change their communities.”

Njoli said focus would also be placed on subject choices for skills that forced the country to scout for skilled workers in other countries.

A turnaround would boost the economy, she said.

Njoli said the initiative would also give retired teachers, who were still passionate about education, the chance to assist pupils with homework in the  church  building after school hours.

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