Open market to encourage Komani youth


REACHING NEW HEIGHTS: Lukhanji FM presenter Calvin Nelani , left, founder of Get It Done, and Shernique Smith, to host Open Market day on Saturday at Man’s Buy and Braai in Westbourne. Picture: Supplied

Non-profit organisation, Get It Done (GID), is hosting an open market day at Man’s Buy and Braai in Westbourne on Saturday.

GID promoted and created awareness of the upcoming event with the help of Intercape bus services over the weekend.

Founder of GID and Lukhanji FM presenter, Calvin Nelani, said the purpose of the event was to encourage and teach the young people about the business world.

The Open Day will showcase stalls selling books and merchandise and some space is still available.

“Chris Hani District Municipality executive mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo and Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality executive mayor Lindiwe Gunuza Nkwentsha are set to attend. There are also going to be well known South Africa celebrities who will be sharing a few words of motivation with the youth of Komani,” said Nelani.

The Labour Department and the Eastern Cape Development Corporation, Lukhanji FM and The Rep will also be present.

The entrance fee for pupils is R20 and adults R30. Stall holders pay R200 for an individual stall and R500 for a group. The price for the stalls will rise to R1 000 today.

The event is sponsored by Intercape bus services and Mfuraa Projects and General Contractors.

For more information contact Nelani on 081-880-8040.



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