Rights explained to older people

Pensioners often community’s most vulnerable

ELDERLY people are often the most targeted and most vulnerable citizens and, at times, have to face the challenge of consumer rights violations.

Office of the Premier special programmes department director Phumla Msikinya Malebogo, speaking to senior citizens from the Chris Hani and Joe Gqabi districts during the Know Your Rights Campaign at the Komani Town Hall on Tuesday, said the visit formed part of similar events at all the municipalities in the province.

The aim was to educate older people on legislation and policies put in place to protect their consumer rights.

“We want to empower them so that wherever they go they will know their rights.”

Malebogo said the list of violations of consumer rights among old people was alarming and many faced the challenge of unauthorised deductions from their Sassa grants.

“Some of them discover that there are deductions made from their grants, such as airtime and electricity, but the person does not even have a cellphone or lives in deep rural areas where they do not have those services.”

She said there were policies sold to gain access to beneficiaries’ grants.

The initiative was welcomed by Chris Hani Old People’s Forum treasurer Dr  Langaliyakhanya   Mlanjeni .

“It is good to see old people being reminded of their rights. We hope that they will also learn to live within their means and not buy things they do not need.”

He said the booklet provided on the day would help them gain more knowledge about their consumer rights.

“There are books in English and Xhosa which will expand our knowledge.

“Old people will also stop throwing away their receipts after purchases. People must stop taking advantage and respect old people because it is through some of our struggles that the generation of today lives a better life.”





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