PDF of The President’s Keepers circulating online

A PDF version of the controversial book, The President’s Keepers by journalist and author Jacques Pauw is being circulated on social media platforms. The much-talked about book contains details about the alleged president’s tax invasion.

NB Publishers via their twitter account said a pirated, hacked copy of the book by Pauw is being shared on social media and as the publisher of the book they understood that many South Africans may be doing this innocently, believing it to be a protest against the State Security Agency’s attempt to have the book withdrawn.

“We assure the public the book is not banned and we are printing more to meet the overwhelming demand and working to get the books to shops as soon as possible. We are also fighting the attempt to have the book withdrawn. Piracy hurts this courageous author who has put everything on the line to ensure South Africa knows the truth this book tells, it also hurts the publishing industry and is illegal.” Picture: ANDISA BONANI



  1. HOW you ask well when your supporters cries were liberation before education then they can’t have much between the ears . therefore —bend over i’ll screw you is the attitude the gov takes and when you open your mouth to corruption we’ll give you a lollipop [pacifier] cos i’m sharing the money with my friends.LOL thats majority vote –good luck fixing that load of crap

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