Snuggle up – there’s snow and rain on the way!

PUT away your bikini and shorts as a cold snap is expected to have Eastern Cape residents shivering in their winter woollies from Wednesday.

The South African Weather Service has predicted that significantly cooler weather is expected to affect most parts of the country on Wednesday and Thursday with snowfalls expected on some of the southern mountains.

The Eastern Cape will not exempt with very cold weather below nine degrees expected in high-lying areas of the province on Thursday.

The SAWS have advised small stock farmers to protect livestock during the expected cold weather.

Heavy and disruptive snowfalls are expected in Rhodes, Barkly East and Lesotho with warnings that mountain passes may have to close.

Widespread rainfall is also anticipated along the southern and eastern parts of South Africa from Wednesday with warnings that flooding may occur in some sections of Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State and the Eastern Cape.

The public has been urged to follow weather forecasts on television and radio.

The SAWS have provided various life saving tips in case of heavy rainfall and flooding and extreme cold. Find these on


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