Welcome back from the mountain

VIDEO: CELEBRATIONS: Milton Stephens in Khayelitsha yesterday was overjoyed to have his son Melikhaya Nondese returning from his Xhosa cultural initiation and journey to manhood.

The family will celebrate with family, friends and neighbours the beginning of their son’s journey into manhood.

Video transcription

Milton Stephans: In the times that we live in, sometimes your child may not return from the mountain. We are happy that our child has returned from the mountain to his home, that is why there is so much joy here today.

We are happy, because of that and he returned a man. I am happy as his father, I say I am extremely happy.

Journalist: Hey new man.

Nondese:Yes older brother…

Journalist: How happy are you that you have come back home?

Nondese: I am extremely happy my older brother, I do not even have the words to express how happy I am.

Journalist: I think that this is something that we can all agree on, that one of the things you miss the most is your family, how much did you miss your family?

Nondese: I missed them so much, I missed them a lot.

Journalist: How does it feel to see them now?

Nondese: I am very happy to see them older brother, I really am happy older brother.

Journalist: Men allow me to ask (Nondese), what did you learn in the mountain, I will say that we all learnt something that is a key for life to hold on to at the mouoontain, you will agree with me when I say if you could survive in those days. You return with a hope that no matter what life throws your way, if you were able to survive there, than you can survive whatever life throws your way.

What can you say you took back from the mountain that will give you strength in life?

Nondese: I am listening older brother

Journalist: No I mean what have you learnt?

Nondese: I learnt respect                  Video: SIMTEMBILE MGIDI

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