Komani reacts to Zuma’s resignation

Early this morning, The Rep reporters Andisa Bonani and Pilanathi Rasmeni took to the streets of Komani to find out what people thought about the resignation of former President Jacob Zuma late last night.

Mario Nel who lives in a farm outside Komani
It is said that he still does not realise the damage he did to this country. He had to be forced to resign which means he was simply holding on to power. I expect the new president will work toward the betterment of the economy and job creation which will alleviate poverty in communities.
Mpazamo Hlaleleni of Cacadu
I am from the rural areas and when we voted for the ANC we had hoped that the governing party would give special attention to people living in areas like mine because that is where poverty strikes the most. What Jacob Zuma and accomplices did changed how we perceive the ANC. I am happy he has been removed.
Anna Le Grange of Melton Gardens
Jacob Zuma should have stepped down a long time ago, he has been implicated in a lot scandals amounting to huge sums of money. He has been involved with the controversial Gupta family and the ANC leadership knew about this and did nothing. I hope the new president will put the people of South Africa first before his own interests.
Sinethemba Tyhala of Molteno
I think it a good thing that the former president has stepped down from office because he was a corrupt man. There is so much hope for the future now. The economy will be in a much better state and hopefully the grading companies will reconsider SA’s ‘junk’ status. The new president needs to create jobs for unemployed graduates and ensure that the level of education in public schools is up to scratch so that black people who mostly occupy such schools can compete on the same level as learners who go to private schools.
Glen Eve of Johannesburg
I am delighted that Jacob Zuma has resigned. The economy will definitely boom with Cyril Ramaphosa as the new president because he is an educated business man and can count past ten.
Margaret Hector of Westbourne
We have been waiting for his announcement to leave office.  The new president needs to ensure that coloured people in this country are no longer neglected. Our children are struggling to find jobs and access higher learning institutions because of the colour of their skin. Cyril Ramaphosa must ensure that the coloured community members are not treated as secondary citizens in this country.

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