Komani power update: Day 2

EAST London contractors are on their way back to Komani to try and remedy the situation which has left the town without power since yesterday morning.

The contractors were in town late yesterday afternoon but returned to East London to find parts, according to Border Kei Chamber of Business’ Adre Bartis.

Two transformers – one in Queendustria and the other in Ebden Street – have exploded, resulting in the outage. Another transformer in Ebden Street is leaking oil.

Firemen put out a blaze resulting from the Ebden Street transformer on Tuesday Picture: SIMTEMBILE MGIDI

According to sources, efforts are being made to restore power by tonight, but no clarity can be provided as yet.

The same situation was experienced in January this year when the town was left without electricity for several days.

Currently, Ezibeleni is believed to be the only area with electricity but this area, too, has been facing constant outages in the past.

In the meantime, the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) has been heavily criticised on their facebook page for their last, and only post, since the start of the crisis.

The post, by the communications unit of the municipality, indicates that the outage is due to an overload and calls on residents “not to use all electrical appliances at once as they are the main cause.”

Residents have accused the municipality of lying to the community and failing to disclose that the fire was, in fact, the result of an explosion at the substation in Ebden Street and that the municipality had failed to make contingency plans and do the necessary repairs after the outage earlier this year, resulting in an impossible load on the Ebden Street substation.

The EMLM communications unit has not responded to the comments on their facebook page.

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