Goodies for care centre

The St Andrew’s Parish Mothers’ Union visited Khayalethemba Special Care Centre for the disabled to make a generous donation of groceries and clothing items.

Parish leader Nobuzwe Lubobo said this was a programme adopted by the Mothers’ Union and is facilitated once a term. “We have five unit committees focusing on action and outreach, prayer and spirituality, marketing and human resources and our main priorities include gender-based violence programs, mental health and education. We host three activities a year including family stability programmes in church and last year we visited an old age home where we assisted with donations.”

The donation included sanitary towels and stationery and Lubobo indicated they had identified the facility after hearing they were not receiving any funding which called for intervention. “We want to promote favourable conditions in society, stability and the protection of children. As a mothers’ union we each contribute whatever we have with the help of some local businesses. The centre is struggling. They have to take from their own pockets to sustain the place. Most of the children there come from disadvantaged backgrounds and the mission is to not only pray in church buildings, but to go out there and assist in whatever way we can. We want to show these children that we are here and we care. We also invited parents to show that they were not alone and that we were here as churches to give a helping hand because a church is a place of healing.

Lubobo said the next program would be on education when they are hoping to invite different departments for an information-sharing session.

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