Support for agricultural industry in Chris Hani


Chris Hani District Municipality in partnership with the Chris Hani Co-operative Development Centre (CDC), and Agri Economy Tertiary Co-operative launched 500 hectares (pilot) of maize and soya beans at Xuka Village in Engcobo Local Municipality on Wednesday.

Chris Hani District Municipality has resolved to take a leading role in the establishment of Rural Agro-industries Financial Initiative (RAFI) in the district with the assistance and facilitation of Chris Hani CDC consequently creating a highly productive, processing, industrial and eco-friendly region.

A delegation from Argentina paid the district municipality a visit to pursue and implement the heads of agreement of the Bilateral Agreement on Cooperation in the field of Agriculture signed in 2013 between the government of South Africa and the government of Republic of Argentina.

Among the key elements of the agreement was the establishment of Rural Agro-Industries and Financial Initiative (RAFI), which supports organisations in the agricultural industry.

The Argentinians had committed to assist CHDM with expertise and to help lobby for financial resources  with the agricultural initiatives of the district municipality.

During the event CHDM executive mayor Kholiswa Vimbayo also awarded nine small micro-medium enterprises from Engcobo Local Municipality with funding worth R560 293.





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