No votes in future if corruption continues

The Eastern Cape ANC Women’s League’s Gloria Fanta urged ANC officials to catch a wake-up as there were only two municipalities in the province which had clean audits out of the 33.

Fanta said if corruption continued in the party the ANC would lose voters in the next elections. “The ANC is the party of the people and if officials drag the party down it will later backfire.”

She was addressing the members of the party during a victory celebration event at Gali Thembani Youth Centre in Madeira Park recently.

“Today we are celebrating the victory of the ANC in ward 10, which we lost a number of times, so this is a milestone. We are here to thank the voters, the volunteers and the leadership of the ANC for voting for the party and for putting their hope and trust for the party to rule here. The ANC is making a commitment that we will bring about change in their lives.”

Fanta urged the ANC officials to not seek money to the jeopardy of the party by discouraging service providers through demanding a share of their portion through tender corruption.

She indicated that she failed to understand why 12 initiates had died in the province when that did not happen years ago.

“This is an old custom and deaths did not occur, yet the previous generation was more disadvantaged than now. How do men sit at home content when their children are out in the mountain? Even if they are not your biological children men ought to check on them on a regular basis.”

“A woman carries a child for nine months and when they hand them over into the hands of their fathers for barely a month, their lives are destroyed.”

Fanta said single parents were often the target of scourge of death and that if need be they should take a stand to ensure that their children returned home safely.

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