CPF call to EMLM over meter contract

Motor vehicle break-ins had increased in the Komani CBD following the expiry of the parking meter contract with the former service provider which Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) had not renewed since December, Community Policing Forum chairperson Andries Schlebusch said. The metering officials had prevented many such crimes, he said.

The municipal officials have not been coming to the CPF meetings although we have inquired when they plan to bring the meter services back to town,” he said.

This is not a problem that should be solved by the police or the CPF , but by EMLM.”

He said Komani businesses were being targeted by copper pipe thieves who then sold them to local scrapyards.

The street lights that did not work were also a challenge and prevented the CPF from doing an effective job at night, he said.

There are almost 400 street lights that are not operating in the CBD and the local businesses are willing to assist EMLM to pay for the globes if that is why the lights are off.

We want to establish street patrols and neighbourhood watches to curb crime in the CBD and the four sectors.

The chairmen of the four sectors have monthly meetings in the residential areas and then bring feedback to the executive of the CPF.

We are excited that the SAPS now has a budget that will fund the resources needed by the CPF to conduct community meetings and for other necessities. They also provided reflector jackets, which makes life easier for us.”

Schlebusch said there were four sectors the CPF looked after.

Sector One, managed by Sgt Nolusindiso Ndzengu, with Juan Reynders as the chairperson, includes Sandringham, Komani Park, Laurie Dashwood Park, Westbourne, Weshof and the CBD.

Sector Two is managed by Const Wafeemah Adams, with Juan van der Walt as the chairperson, and includes Queendustria, Top Town, Bergsig, Balmoral, Madeira Park and Kings Park.

We had incidents where residents lost bikes and hosepipes because they were negligent about locking gates.

Luckily I managed to recover some of the items through follow-up operations with the police,” he said.

Warrant Officer Mxolisi Zingelwa manages Sector Three, which includes Lesseyton, Birch farm, the farms situated on the right- hand side of the road towards Tarkastad and the Bonkolo Basin farms.

Sector Three is affected by stock theft and illegal livestock sales without permits and people who do not mark their animals make it difficult for us to identify them.

Another issue is the drugs being sold to the youth and taverns operating longer hours than they should.”

Sector Four is managed by Sgt Adadume Mqula and includes Tambo, Eensaam, Who-Can-Tell, Brakkloof, Bothashoek, Merino Walk village, McBride, farms on the Whittlesea road and on the left-hand side of the Tarkastad Road, Roydon farmers and those along the Swart Kei river.




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