ANCYL in ‘back off’ warning

The Chris Hani region ANCYL has begun mobilising the youth to embark on a march to warn Let’s Talk Komani (LTK) chairman Ken Clark, to “back off” from trying to “sabotage” government at local authority.

ANCYL regional chairman Zithulele Sigonyela, speaking at the formation’s Cadre Forum on Friday, indicated they were concerned about the “onslaught waged against the ANC government” by LTK “cabal” leader, Clark.

We have started to galvanise the youth and mobilise a big march to warn him to back off. If he wants to run government he must contest in the 2021 local government elections and be rejected by our people. He called our people to a meeting which was disguised as a means to offer support for them. The meeting’s attendance register was taken to court to say he was representing them, when he had misrepresented himself because that was a LTK meeting.”

Sigonyela indicated that some people had already started to distance themselves from “that nonsense” in official public statements.

Clark’s only problem is that the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality (EMLM) is starting to take shape when he thought it would collapse. He and his cabal are the ones responsible for the collapse of this institution by stealing electricity and water. Now they see we are closing down on them by visiting their businesses to ensure they pay for rates and services or we cut them off.”

Sigonyela further lambasted Clark for his alleged failure to pay for electricity, but said he had the “audacity” to take the local authority to court.

He recently paid close to R2m when the municipality raided businesses for the non-payment of electricity. The biggest electricity thieves in this town are led by Clark. We will mobilise young people to boycott his soft drink, Twizza, which he produces using stolen water from the Chris Hani District Municipality.

The ANCYL suspects the land on which his house is built is illegally occupied, because he did not buy it. He is sitting on stolen land and yet has the audacity to say he represents the people. He is representing his own selfish-driven interests. He is not fit to represent the community of EMLM.”

The youth formation leader said they welcomed Clark to stand in the upcoming election so he may be rejected the same way as those he claimed were part of LTK were doing.

Clark said the apolitical organisation believed EMLM council was “totally acting corruptly”and that the entity’s financial statements that had been released were absolute testimony to this.

Civic society despises anyone in the municipality who is willing to waste our public money defending the indefensible. I am happy that the public judge me for my contribution to the town. I am happy to be judged on my performance. I cannot understand how some youngster with hate in his heart represents the public opinion of the whole town. Let the judge in our court case make a decision. I stand firm in my opinion.”

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