Broken sewer pipe headache


It has been more than two weeks since Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) workers dug a hole in King Edward Road in Westbourne.

CHDM spokesperson Thobeka Mqamelo said the trench was excavated as a result of a collapsed sewer pipeline which caused spillages.

The road is completely barricaded and motorists have to use an alternative route.

The Rep spoke to an angry resident, Raymond Lucas, last week who indicated that sewage had overflowed in his yard and was unattended for eight days before the excavation by the municipality took place.

“I reported the blockage three weeks ago. Raw sewage then started to flood from the manhole inside the yard. The municipal workers tried to clear the blockage but that did not work so they had to dig. We were left without water for days. I had to buy my own pipe fittings to get water.”

Lucas said they had to source water from neighbours and suffer the unbearable stench of the raw sewage in their yard.

“We had to close windows during high temperatures. We could not even go outside. We had to lock ourselves in the house like prisoners,” he said.

Mqamelo said the prolonged excavation would be completed last week. “It took some time to finish initial works due to rain and the process of breaking the pipe. The works took longer than anticipated and completion date is expected to be the end of this week.” she indicated.

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