Man assaulted by mob after failed mugging

BLOODIED AND BRUISED: A man was beaten by residents of Unifound and Aloevale on Tuesday morning after he was caught allegedly trying to rob a scholar Picture: NTSIKELELO QOYO

A young man was caught and assaulted by Unifound and Aloevale residents after an ill-fated mugging attempt on Tuesday morning.

The man found himself at the mercy of the residents after his victim screamed for help, prompting people to come out and help him.

When The Rep reporter arrived, the alleged criminal was lying on rubble in a furrow, bruised from head to toe and covered in blood.

According to people around him at the time, he had been one of three assailants, two of whom escaped, leaving him to face the full ire of residents.

“People are tired of these criminals. This is happening every day and it will happen again. We are forced to take the law into our own hands because we report them and they are released on to the streets because police say it is petty crime,” Adele Hendricks, a resident of Aloevale, said.

A Unifound resident, Sandisiwe Velemi, said they had not beaten him enough. “I heard people calling out to catch him so I joined the chase. He was robbing a child so he got what was coming to him. We beat him but that was nothing, he deserved more,” she said.

Police who arrived at the same time as The Rep at the scene dispersed the crowd and broke up a scuffle around another man who was accused of a mugging the night before.

Police spokesperson, captain Namhla Mdleleni said no case was opened.

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