Residents bemoan sewerage flooding

RUNNING FILTH: Raw sewerage has been left to constantly run behind the Siphingo Circle area in Magxaki. Residents say when it rains the sewerage gets into their homes while manholes in the area constantly spill excrement and water in roads in the area Picture: NTSIKELELO QOYO

Magxaki residents in Mlungisi are bemoaning the decreasing value of their houses as sewage flooding has become commonplace in the area.

Siphingo Circle residents say sewerage spills from blocked manholes regularly flood their houses, destroy infrastructure and put their health at risk.

We are sinking in a toilet, there is no other way to put it,” said resident Phumezo Makana.

The residents said they had been complaining about the problem for years, only receiving temporary help before the faeces resurface again.

We have been reporting this to the municipality for years. Now they are tired and irritated because we are always complaining. They asked me why I do not just sell my house because I can see this problem is not going away,” said Nonkosinathi Mpetshwa.

Mpetshwa said the sewage flooded her house and garage. “I paid for paving in front of my house in the hope it would run into the street but it did not help. While they seem not to care about this problem we are incurring losses,” she said.

Thandi Sopazi, an elderly woman who lives next to Mpetshwa said her car was damaged because of standing in the dirty water. “Once it floods the water destroys everything. It gets right into the house. I had chicken hatchlings which all died. When it gets really bad it floods the whole back yard and you cannot even get out.

We are living and breathing excrement. We cannot even say we are not eating it because we step on it and bring it into our houses,” Sopazi.

Summer rains are a source of trepidation for Lindelwa Kafu whose house is next to a furrow that is constantly brimming with sewage water. You would think it has rained now. That water is sewerage from the New Vale area. If it floods that water gets into my yard and my house. The tiles in my livingroom are ruined and we constantly have to clean the toilet,” said Kafu.

The area constantly has a putrid smell which they say forces them to keep windows shut.

“Because they are unable to clear the drains the sewage is left to run and dam up behind our houses. Who would buy a house that is constantly in sewerage and in an area that stinks?” asked Makana.

Behind the houses is a pump station which the residents say has not worked for years and allege its closure is the cause of the constant flooding.

At the time of publishing reply from CHDM had not been received.

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