Komani residents demarcate sites in open fields in quest for land

Komani residents in land grab spree                           Picture: ANDISA BONANI

A Komani land grab spree turned rampant on Sunday afternoon when residents in different parts of the town’s areas started demarcating sites in open fields on Sunday.

The illegal land grabs ensued in the morning when a group of aggrieved residents took to the open field across Nkwanca informal settlements in Victoria Road to demarcate sites where they would build their abodes.

Community leader Thembela Maxambele indicated, they had been promised land sites by Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality mayor Luleka Gubhula who had reportedly been avoiding to meet with them regarding the matter.

A list of names and ID numbers of people who had demarcated their sites was drawn and would be taken to the local authority, where it would be checked against a database to confirm whether or not everyone on it did not already own a house.


A fleet of cars along Victoria Road, across Nkwanca informal settlements where residents demarcated sites Picture: ANDISA BONANI

The whole afternoon towards the evening more residents were seen in other areas like Sabatha Dalindyebo up to Queensview Park, painting poles they used to demarcate their plots.

Residents Elvis Maseti said he had living in Komani for decades but did not own a site even after numerous occasions of applying for one.

“The people from the municipality were here earlier but did not address the situation. One of the councillors who was here spoke to a small group of people and left. We will continue this and dare the municipality come stop us we will fight fire with fire.”

Another community leader Cliff Pringle who, some residents indicated had encouraged the demarcation of sites refuted the claims indicating he sent a message to a resident’s Whatsapp group telling them not to get involved in the land grabs.

Full story in The Rep on Friday


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