Komani load-shedding schedule

Picture: 123rf.com/ginasanders

Komani is scheduled to be in the dark today between 5pm and 7:30pm as Eskom implements stage 2 load-shedding.

This morning the power utility published a statement warning that rolling blackouts would be implemented which were likely to run into the weekend.

According to the statement, plant breakdowns have caused low levels of reliability which can result in escalation to level three for the “evening peak”.

The weekend schedule for Komani and outlying areas is as follows:


Stage 1 – 1am-3:30am

Stage 2 – 1am-3:30am

Stage 3 – 1am-3:30am  5pm-7:30pm

Stage 4 – 1am-3:30am  9am-11:30am 5pm-7:30pm


Stage 1 – 9am-11:30am

Stage 2 – 1am-3:30am  9am-11:30am

Stage 3 – 1am-3:30am  9am-11:30am

Stage 4 – 1am-3:30am  9am-11:30am  5pm-7:30pm


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